Umbrella insurance: Protecting your worth

Learn how umbrella insurance provides extra coverage for your assets against lawsuits and liabilities. 

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Assets to protect

Umbrella insurance or excess liability coverage protects assets from potential lawsuits. Therefore, if you have assets (property, investments, savings) or the potential for high future income that you’d like to protect, umbrella insurance is probably a good idea.

Umbrella insurance costs less than $1.00 per day and extends coverage on top of underlying insurance policies and their liability coverages (typically home, renters and auto insurance). Umbrella policies are sold in increments of $1 million and becomes less expensive when bought in bulk, the price per million gets cheaper as you increase the umbrella limit. In a country where million dollar lawsuits and settlements are common, umbrella insurance is a practical preventative measure.  Furthermore,  umbrella insurance provides additional coverage for:

  • Bodily injury and property damage for accidents that exceed your auto, home or renters policy where you are found liable.
  • Any libel or slander (inaccurate and false words) judgements made against you. 

Typically, most auto and home insurance carriers will offer umbrella policies and provide additional savings to underlying policies due to multi-policy discounts. 

It should also be noted that umbrella policies also require minimum underlying coverage to each policy. Common underlying limits for auto are at least 100,000 bodily injury liability per person and 300,000 bodily injury liability per occurrence (if not higher). For home or renters,  it’s typically 300,000 personal liability (if not higher).

With Vero’s free assessment tool, discover if umbrella coverage might be a good solution for you.

Do you have the protection you need?

Life is full of risks. To your family. Your assets. Your future. The problem is traditional solutions that propose traditional answers, one policy at a time.

Vero’s fast and free Protection Plan is an unbiased analysis of all your risks. We’ll recommend what insurance to buy — and which policies you can safely cancel to save money.

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