Understanding landlord policies and rentals

Discover details about landlord policies and rental protection coverages.
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Landlord protection policies

ll landlord protection policies or dwelling fire policies cover rental/income property rented to long term tenants (12-month lease).  On average, most landlord policies do not provide Airbnb and VRBO rental coverages and are often excluded on most landlord policies. 

However, as more claims data becomes available indicating the risk of increased short-term rentals, popular carriers are beginning to provide coverage with an endorsement or without an additional fee.

Short-term rentals incite a risk of negligence. A short-term renter  may be more unreasonable on the wear-and-tear of a property than a long-term renter, resulting in a claim. Additionally, short-term renters are a higher liability risk as more traffic is generated at the property.

It’s always better to check before and not after a claim. By uploading your policy, Vero can assess if you might be under protected or over protected.

Do you have the protection you need?

Life is full of risks. To your family. Your assets. Your future. The problem is traditional solutions that propose traditional answers, one policy at a time.

Vero’s fast and free Protection Plan is an unbiased analysis of all your risks. We’ll recommend what insurance to buy — and which policies you can safely cancel to save money.

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