Protecting our pets: Coverage and liability

Manage risks to your pets and yourself with the right policies.
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Pet health, insurance and liability

When it comes to insurance coverage for pets, there are two important components to consider: their health and their liability in a pet-biting incident.

Regarding pet health, home insurance does not cover any accidents or illnesses related to pets. For these to be covered, a separate pet insurance policy will need to be purchased. Pet insurance policies typically cover common illnesses, accidental injury, and preventative care—up to a certain limit.

Home insurance and injuries from pets

A standard home insurance policy will, however, offer coverage for injuries caused by most pets under the Personal Liability and Medical Payments to Others provisions of the policy. Most policies do not cover what the carrier may consider an “aggressive” dog breed, though. The list of “aggressive” dog breeds includes pit bulls, rottweilers, chow chows, presa canarios, akita, Doberman pinschers, wolf hybrids, mastiffs, and German shepherds.

Let’s make sure you’re protected with a free assessment of your home insurance or rental insurance policy.

Do you have the protection you need?

Life is full of risks. To your family. Your assets. Your future. The problem is traditional solutions that propose traditional answers, one policy at a time.

Vero’s fast and free Protection Plan is an unbiased analysis of all your risks. We’ll recommend what insurance to buy — and which policies you can safely cancel to save money.

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