What is Vero?

Here’s how our new approach to personalized risk management is going to completely change how you think about insurance.
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What is Vero?

At Vero, we’re trying to put power in the hands of insurance consumers — not companies — for the first time in the history of modern insurance. How are we doing that? By handing you a detailed, nuanced profile that outlines your various areas of risk alongside the coverages you currently have, with customized recommendations for places where you might be under- or over-insured. We tell you the story of how protected you are, in detail, all tied up with an overall Vero Protection Score. 

Here’s why exactly this is so game-changing: Everything we do is aimed at democratizing risk and insurance management for everyday people. Historically, the insurance industry is built on the assumption that you, the consumer, are unable to make smart risk management decisions. Meanwhile, insurance companies enjoy the benefit of making money off your lack of education about topics like risk and coverage. Either way, the outcome is the same: consumers don’t have access to the risk assessment and predicting models that insurance companies have always used, leaving you lacking a complete picture of your risk profile — and then you have to make costly decisions anyway. Not ideal, to say the least. 

So who does know your full risk profile in the current (soon-to-be outdated, if we can be optimistic about it) insurance ecosystem? The insurance companies. There is a lack of a trusted and unbiased source of advice when it comes to figuring out just how much coverage you need for different parts of your life. 

That’s why we created Vero. We look at the whole picture of your life and the risks therein, give you unbiased data and total transparency into our process, and take the whole process off your plate in a customized way.

What makes Vero different?

  • Everything about Vero is different. For starters, we aren’t trying to sell you anything. The difference between your experience when someone is trying to sell you something versus when they’re not is…huge. There’s no agenda attached to the data we’re sharing with you.

By reimagining personal risk management and insurance, we help you to:

  • Identify and quantify all your risks in order to analyze all where any gaps might exist
  • Walk you through your options for managing your risk through insurance, mitigation, and alternative financing
  • Assist you with recovery and problem-solving, while optimizing how much money you spend 

For a process that leverages admittedly dense algorithms to arrive at your final risk profile, the experience is pretty straightforward. (We think so, anyway. You tell us.) We want to democratize sophisticated risk assessment — not pass along the complexity that comes with it. Our goal is to offer a personalized, dynamic service that evolves and responds as you, your life, and your family change. 

Why Vero is right for you

If you have things in your life that are vulnerable to risk — and you’re alive (we hope) so you do — then Vero is for you. If you like to have all the facts about a complex issue before having to throw your money at a fix, Vero is for you. If you’re tired of being forced to get information about your own needs from the same companies that profit off you being in the dark about exactly that, then Very is very much for you. We’re putting the power into your hands to make highly informed decisions to protect the things and people you care about, with all the context you need to make the information meaningful and actionable. 

Make sure the protection you have is the protection you need!

Life is full of risks. To your family. Your assets. Your future. The problem is traditional solutions propose traditional answers. Life insurance. Home insurance

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